Journal History

Learning Styles Journal, initially known as Revista de Estilos de Aprendizaje, (ISSN: 1998-8996), is a publication of a scientific nature of the field of education.

It wass created in electronic format in the year 2008 thanks to the professional interest, human and scientific of the doctors Domingo Gallego and Catalina Alonso. Interest that leads them to push forward the construction of a theoretical foundation and a serious application of the methodology of learning styles to an international level.

In 2012, the magazine initially hosted at the National University of Distance Education, UNED Spain, extends its secondment by signing an agreement and inter-university transoceanic with various European and Latin American Universities of recognized standing in the implementation of the learning styles.

With the aim of improving its dissemination in the world panorama of education, in 2013, the Utah Valley University, in Orem, in the State of Utah welcomes the Magazine and provides its services in the areas of management and technical. La Revista de Estilos de Aprendizaje is renamed Journal of Learning Styles. However, the human team that integrates the different committees and bodies of the magazine continues to integrate professionals from various Latin American and European countries associated with the magazine since its emergence in editorial scope.

One of the great peculiarities of the magazine is its specificity within the universe pedagogical, centered on a topical theme and importance, at the same time that complex: the Learning Styles.

This publication has as main objective consolidate a space for the communication, discussion and dissemination of experience and research and thus, contribute, with a more scientific rigor to the improvement of the quality of the business and educational organizations.

Other claims related to the publication are summarized in: to serve as a scenario to stimulate reflection in the field of education, fostering discussion on educational practices under the new paradigms and contribute to the training and refresher courses to teachers.

The objectives are concentrated, in addition to publication in the Journal of Learning Styles, in the dissemination of initiatives related to the Learning Styles: World Congresses and Ibero-american, courses, meetings, exchanges, publication of books and scientific reports and doctoral theses.

This magazine of educational character comes with a six-monthly basis and is directed to a wide and varied audience covering the whole of the education sector in its different stages and forms and paying, equally, a service to the business sector.

ISSN: 2332-8533